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What is rugby?

Unfortunately, rugby is not the most popular sport on Earth. Practically inexistent worldwide, it is known in very few countries, and then only played at regional level. In Holland, most people seem, to mix-up rugby with another form of contact sport: American football. These two games are too similar for the general public to be identified as distinct sports with both their own complicated rules that no one clearly understand, players included. But the magic of rugby is you only need the basics to play the game that is probably why we never argue with referees although we'd like to think it is because we are civilized and disciplined. We do not wear several layers of body armor like American football players.  * end of sarcasm...

Rugby is a team sport, 15 players a side. The aim is to put an oval ball behind the opponent's line or to kick it between their goal posts. Each player has a position and a role to fulfill according to his speed, strength or ball handling skills. Players are either attacking or defending depending on which team has possession of the ball. A defending player's duty is to tackle the opposition's ball carrier; an attacking player must go forward passing the ball backward… It is an English game… you know…