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Trust Contact Person

Exercising is fun! You get energy from it; you are in a team and you feel good. But sometimes something happens that makes the fun disappear. For example, you’re bullied. Someone always makes stupid jokes or comments that make you feel bad, or you feel discriminated. Maybe someone is touching you there where you don't want it.


There is never an excuse for that kind of behavior. It's not allowed. We call it (sexual) harassment.

Is there something that makes you feel uncomfortable? I listen to you and help you with the next steps.

My name is Leontien van der Staak. I am the Confidential Contact Person at WRC Te Werve. I am committed to creating a safe sports environment for our children and of course also for older athletes. If you are dealing with cross-border behavior, please contact me. Information is treated confidentially, and nothing happens that you do not want.

Send me a message via WhatsApp, write me an e-mail or call me. Then we make an appointment.