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Oh my god we’ve created a monster

The conception of the game is rumoured to have occurred in a town called Rugby. (aptly named do you not think… And there was you thinking that the game was invented by Bill Rugby) A then irrelevant student named William Webb Ellis during a football match suddenly got the notion to pick the ball up and run with it… He Promptly had the shit kicked out of him, however the idea stuck. And so rugby was born.

The Competitions

Other English schools and universities adopted the style in the mid-19th cent. And so it went on. Rugby spread like cancer, and soon everybody was trying to play it. Today there are hundreds of clubs spread world-wide. Well established leagues in both the northern and southern hemispheres. National teams are followed with pride, passion, and usually a hell of a lot of beer. In 1987 the first World Cup was established…(And has been played once every four years since then) It has a huge number of followers from all countries that compete, and even some that don’t. Other national competitions also exist such as the tri-nations, and the 5… no wait, 6 Nations… Sorry Italy. Both competitions are fiercely fought as it brings together old rivalries that date as far back as 1314.

The fans

Rugby has a world class reputation for it’s raucous yet well behaved fans. So if you happen to stumble across a marauding group of inebriated vagrants, dressed up as if they should be committed. Don’t be afraid, it’s just our way of expressing deep rooted physiological problems. Which brings me to my next point… Singing. We know we can’t sing. But that is just a mere technicality. Also if you happen to be within earshot of a club giving it laldey, be aware that most of what is said is not exactly accurate. Nearly all of us have mothers, and most were conceived in a conventional way…Most.