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The stereotypical rugby player in people's mind is a huge bully with a broken nose. But in fact rugby players come in all shapes and sizes depending on which position they play. It takes all sorts to create a rugby team and the diversity of character is why anyone, big or slim, can play the game. But if you are small, skinny and slow, you then must be prepared to suffer a little more…

Rugby is a relatively violent sport and injuries are not uncommon, clashes between players are frequent and players often suffer cuts and bruises after a game. Rugby players must overcome fear of contact but respect basic rules to play the game in a safer way. High tackling and collapsing the scrum is severely penalized.

You must be physically fit to play rugby to recover quickly from injuries and hangovers.

There are a few other additional psychological factors that might be difficult to overcome like: sharing a tiny cloakroom with 20 stinking animals or having to shower with hairy monsters…

Above all you must put the team before your own personal interests during a game and be a social mixer.